Proceedings of the Third

International Symposium on Vulcanospeleology

A Special Session of the 39th Annual Convention

of the National Speleological Society

Bend, Oregon, 30 July - 1 August 1982

Edited by William R. Halliday

Published by the International Speleological Foundation


Scanned and made into PDF files by

Bill Mixon, Association for Mexican Cave Studies


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Introduction. page 5

Session I: Vulcanospeleology of the Pacific Northwest

Open Vertical Volcanic Conduits: A Preliminary Investigation of an Unusual Volcanic Cave Form, with Examples from Newberry Volcano and the Central High Cascades of Oregon. Craig E. Skinner. pages 7-17

Speleoliferous Lava Flows Associated with the Brothers and Subsidiary Fault Zones of Central and Southeastern Oregon (abstract). Ellen M. Benedict. page 17

Caves of Mount St. Helens and the Impacts of the 1980 Eruptions. William R. Halliday. pages 18-27

Vulcanospeleology of the Lower Snake River Basin, Idaho. M. Frank Ireton. pages 28-30

The Catlin Gable Lava Tubes of West Portland, Oregon: Remnants of a Plio-Pleistocene Cave System. John Eliot Allen. pages 31-33

Session II: Vulcanospeleology in Hawaii

Processes of Development of Lava Tubes of Mauna Ulu, Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii (abstract). Donald W. Peterson. pages 33-35

Some Observations of Hawaiian Pit Craters and Relations to Lava Tubes. Gerard Favre. pages 37-41

The United Kingdom Expeditions to the Hawaiian Volcanoes. C. Wood. pages 42-51

Kaluaiki and Thurston Lava Tube: An Unrecognized Jameo System? William R. Halliday. pages 52-55

Session III: Vulcanospeleology of the World

On Lava Caves in Japan and Vicinity. Takanori Ogawa. pages 56-73

Lava Caves of Australia. J. A. Webb, E. B. Joyce, and N. C. Stevens. pages 74-85

Volcanokarst in the Culture and Landscape of Easter Island. Kevin Kiernan. pages 86-92

Volcanism and Caves of Mt. Etna: A Brief Report. Giuseppe M. Licitra. pages 93-100

Session IV: New Concepts in Vulcanospeleology

The World's Longest Lava Caves. R. L. Crawford. pages 101-105

A Scientific Rationale for Vulcanospeleology. C. Wood. pages 105-107

Perplexing Features of Lava Tube Caves in Semi-Arid Regions of the Western United States. Charles V. Larson. pages 108-110

Lava Stalactites: Terminology, Shape, and Possible Origins. Russell Harter. pages 111-112

Formation of Lava Caves in Japan and Korea. Takashi Ohsako. pages 113-117

Essay on Genetic Classification of Volcanic Caves. Giuseppe M. Licitra. pages 118-120

Conservation of Lava Caves: Examples from Australia. E. B. Joyce and J. A. Webb. pages 121-123

Conservation of Hawaii's Speleological Resources. Francis G. Howarth and Fred D. Stone. pages 124-126

Addendum: Selected Papers on Biovulcanospeleology Presented during the 1982 National Speleological Society Annual Meeting, Bend, Oregon, USA

Biota of Volcanic Caves: An Introduction. R. L. Crawford. pages 126-129

Eruptive Impacts of Mount St. Helens on Local Bat Populations. Mark Perkins. pages 130-131

A Comparison of the Troglobitic Harvestmen from Lava Tubes and Limestone Caves. Thomas Briggs. pages 131-132