International Symposium on Vulcanospeleology

Hilo, Hawaii, August 1991

Edited by G. Thomas Rea

Published by the National Speleological Society


Scanned and made into PDF files by

Bill Mixon, Association for Mexican Cave Studies


These PDF files consists entirely of graphic images of pages. The text cannot be searched. Thanks to Tom Rea, NSS Executive Vice-President, for permission to post this volume and the NSS bookstore for a copy to disassemble for scanning.


INDIVIDUAL ARTICLES (under 2 MB unless noted)

Foreword. William R. Halliday. page iv

Vulcanospeleology of Hawaii

Hawaiian Use of Lava Tube Caves and Shelters. Yosihiko H. Sinoto. pages 3-6

Recently Discovered Hawaiian Religious and Burial Caves. Michael La Plante. pages 7-9

Native Hawaiian Water Collection Systems in Lava Tubes (Caves) and Fault Cracks: Puna-Ka'u Districts, Hawaii. James F. Martin. pages 10-14

Lava Tube Systems of the Hilina Pali Area, Ka'u District, Hawaii. Stephan Kempe and Christhild Ketz-Kempe. pages 15-25

Lava Features of Olaa Cave, Hawaii. Dave Bunnell and Bill Liebman (abstract). page 26

Impact of Richter 6.1 Temblor upon Malama Cave, Puna District, Hawaii, Hawaii: An Insider's View. Marlin Spike Werner and Caroline Werner. pages 27-28

Underground Observations During the Pu'u O'o Earthquake, 4:06 P.M., August 8, 1990. Stephan Kempe and Christhild Ketz-Kempe. pages 29-34

Caves of Southern Kauai. Darrel Tanaka. pages 35-37

Lava Tubes at Mauna Ulu Lilauea Volcano, 1972-1974. Donald W. Peterson and Robin T. Holcomb (abstract). page 38

Vulcanospeleology of the Mainland USA

Historical Misunderstandings about Lava Tube Systems and Lava Tube Caves of Lava Beds National Monument, California. Charles V. Larson. pages 41-44

Geology and Mineralogy of Lava Tube Caves in Medicine Lake Volcano, California. Bruce W. Rogers and Patricia H. Rice. pages 45-49

Lava Caving Areas in New Mexico. Michael Goar and Cyndi Mosch. pages 50-57

General Geology and Development of Lava Tubes in New Mexico's El Malpais National Monument. Bruce W. Rogers. pages 58-62

Lava Tubes of Pisgah, Southern California. Russell Harter. pages 63-64

Lava Pseudokarsts of Mount St. Helens: The First Decade after the 1980 Eruptions. William R. Halliday and Marcia L. Halliday. pages 65-74 3.1 MB

Recent Discovery of Secondary Mineral Deposits in an Idaho Lava Tube. David W. Kesner. pages 75-78

Lava Tube Systems of Lava Beds National Monument. Charles V. Larson. pages 79-82

Vulcanospeleology of the World

Lava Caves in the Hallmundarhraun Lava Flow, Western Iceland. Björn Hróarsson and Sigurður S. Jónsson. pages 85-88

Preliminary Speleological Investigations in Surtsey. Sigurður S. Jónsson and Björn Hróarsson. pages 89-94

The Undara Lava Tube System, North Queensland, Australia: Updated Data and Notes on Mode of Formation and Possible Lunar Analogue. Anne Atkinson. pages 95-120 7.6 MB

Caves and Pits from the Azores, with Some Comments on Their Geological Origin, Distribution, and Fauna. P. A. V. Borges, A. Silva, and F. Pereira. pages 121-151 4.3 MB

Lava Caves of São Miguel Island, Azores.  João C. Nunes and Teófilo Braga. pages 152-160

Graciosa Caldera Lava Lake and Associated Lava Caves, Graciosa Island, Azores. J. L. Garpar, G. Queiroz, and V. H. Forjaz. pages 161-162

Vulcanospeleological Pseudokarst in Micronesia: An Overview. Bruce W. Rogers. pages 163-167

Caves in Cheju Island, Korea. Shi Hwan Hong. pages 168-169

Mineraology of Bilemot-Kul Cave in Cheju Island, Korea. Naruhiko Kashima, Takanori Ogawa, Shi Hwan Hong, and Moowong Choi. page 170

Volcanic Caves in Bulgaria. B. Kolev and Y. Shopov. pages 171-175

The State of Speleological Investigation of Volcanic Voids in the USSR. V. N Andraichuk (abstract). page 176

The Fajanita Cave (La Palma, Canary Islands): A Volcanic Cavity Originated by Partial Draining of a Dike. J. Sergio Socorro and J. L. Martín. pages 177-184

Volcanic Caves in El Hierro Island, Canary Islands, Spain. J. J. Hernández, A. L. Medina, and I. Izquierdo. pages 185-196

Þríhnúkargígur. Árni B. Stefánson. pages 197-203

Contribution to the Vulcanospeleology of the Galapagos Islands. J. J. Hernández, I. Izquierdo, and P. Oromí. pages 204-220 2.1 MB

Theoretical, Biological, Conservation, and Management Topics

Lava Tubes in the Solar System. Ronald Greeley. pages 223-230 2.8 MB

Nomenclature of Lava Tube Features. Charles V. Larson. pages 231-248 3.8 MB

The Rift Caves of Japan. Takanori Ogawa. pages 249-258

Floor Modifications in Small Lava Tubes. Luurt Nieuwenhuis. pages 259-261

Formation Mechanism of Cave Systems Based on the Joining of Unit Caves. Takashi Ohsako. pages 262-271

Lava Tube Formation: A Cave Diver's Perspective. Dennis W. Williams (abstract). page 272

Inventory, Evaluation, and Management of Publicly Owned Caves in the Western United States and the Impact of the Federal Cave Resources Protection Act. Jim Nieland. pages 273-279

Accurate Survey of a Hawaii Island Lava Tube for the Purpose of Conservation and Management. Darrel Tanaka and Fred D. Stone (abstract). page 280

Diplura of Lava Tube Caves. Lynn M. Ferguson. pages 281-284

Behavioral Divergence in Populations of the Cave-Adapted Planthopper Species Oliarus polyphemus on the Island of Hawaii. Hannelore Hoch (abstract). page 285

Anchialine Lva Tubes and Their Biota. Dennis W. Williams (abstract). page 286