Proceedings of the

International Symposium on Vulcanospeleology

and its Extraterrestrial Applications:

A Special Session of the 29th Annual Convention

of the National Speleological Society

White Salmon, Washington, 16 August 1972

Edited by William R. Halliday

Published by the Western Speleological Survey


Scanned and made into PDF files by

Bill Mixon, Association for Mexican Cave Studies


These PDF files consist entirely of graphic images of pages. The text cannot be searched. Thanks to William Halliday for permission to post this volume.


Assembled versions of the cave maps

 from pages 22-23 and 24-25.


Introduction.  page iv

Moderator's Remarks.  pages vi-viii

Features of Lava Tube Caves of the Pacific Northwest: A Photographic Presentation. Beth Wolff.  pages 1-2

Lava Tubes at Pisgah Crater, California. Russell G. Harter.  pages 3-10: File removed at author's request

Lava Tube Formation—The Makings of a Controversy. Allen W. Hatheway. pages 11-18

Geology of Lava Tubes in Lava Beds National Monument (abstract). Keith A. Howard. pages 18-19

Mapping the Caves of the Headquarters Lava Flow, Lava Beds National Monument, California. Steward B. Peck.  pages 20-25; assembled version of two foldout maps.

Major Lava Cave Systems of Oregon. R. S. Knutson.  pages 26-30

Lava Tubes of the South Medicine Lake Highland, California (abstract). Ronald Greeley and Roger Baer.  pages 30-31

Hawaiian Lava Tubes—A Preliminary Report. Francis G. Howarth. pages 32-34

Formation and Growth of Lava Tubes during 1970-71 at Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii (abstract). Donald A. Swanson. page 34

Internationally Significant Lava Tube Caves of the Canary Islands. William R. Halliday. pages 35-43

Original Contributions to Vulcanospeleology from Iceland. M. T. Mills and C. Wood. pages 43-51

Lava Channels and Associated Caves in Victoria, Australia. E. Bernard Joyce. pages 51-57

The Undara Lava Tubes, North Queensland, Australia. N. S. Stevens and F. A. Atkinson. pages 58-63

Southern Half of the Great Rift, Idaho. James L. Papadakis. pages 64-70

Mathematical Analysis of Some Lava Tube Mechanics. J. W. Harter III. pages 70-73

Morphological Classification of Lava Tubes. J. W. Harter III. pages 74-85

Terrestrial Analogs to Lunar Sinuous Rilles (abstract). Ronald Greeley. page 85