The proceedings of the XI International Symposium on Vulcanospeleology

were published as part of the book



Edited by Ramón Espinasa and John Pint

Bulletin 19 of the Association for Mexican Cave Studies


Boletín 7 of the Sociedad Mexicana de Exploraciones Subterráneas

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Palaeoenvironmental Reconstruction of the Miocene Tepoztlán Formation Using Palynology. N. Lenhardt, E. Martinez-Hernandez,A.E. Götz, M. Hinderer, J. Hornung and S. Kempe   paper

Comparison between the Texcal Lava Flow and the Chichinautzin Volcano Lava Flows, Sierra Chichinautzin, México. Ramón Espinasa-Pereña and Luis Espinasa   paper

Surveyed Lava Tubes of Jalisco, Mexico. John J. Pint, Sergi Gómez, Jesús Moreno, and Susana Pint   paper   suppl.

Lava Tubes of the Naolinco Lava Flow, El Volcancillo, Veracruz, México. Guillermo Gassós and Ramón Espinasa-Pereña   paper

Cueva Tecolotlán, Morelos, México: An Unusual Erosional Cave in Volcanic Aglomerates. Ramón Espinasa-Pereña and Luis Espinasa   paper  suppl.

Possible Structural Connection between Chichonal Volcano and the Sulfur-Rice Springs of Villa Luz Cave (a.k.a. Cueva de las Sardinas), Southern México. Laura Rosales Lagarde and Penelope J. Boston   paper

Investigation of a Lava-Tube Cave Located under the Hornito of Mihara-Yama in Izu-Oshima Island, Japan. Tsutomu Honda   paper

Recent Contributions to Icelandic Cave Exploration by the Shepton Mallet Caving Club (UK). Ed Waters   paper  suppl.

Prospects for Lava-Cave Studies in Harrat Khaybar, Saudi Arabia. John J. Pint   paper

Al-Fahde Cave, Jordan, the Longest Lava Cave Yet Reported from the Arabian Peninsula. Ahmad Al-Malabeh, Mahmoud Fryhad, Horst-Volker Henschel, and Stephan Kempe   paper  suppl.

State of Lava Cave Research in Jordan. Stephan Kempe, Ahmad Al-Malabeh, Mahmoud Fryhad, and Horst-Volker Henschel   paper

Thurston Lava Tube, the Most Visited Tube in the World. What Do We Know about It? Stephan Kempe and Horst-Volker Henschel   paper

Geology and Genesis of the Kamakalepo Cave System in Mauna Loa Lavas, Na‘alehu, Hawaii. Stephan Kempe, Horst-Volker Henschel, Harry Shick, Jr., and Frank Trusdell   paper  suppl.

Archeology of the Kamakalepo/Waipouli/Stonehenge Area, Underground Fortresses, Living Quarters, and Petrogylph Fields. Stephan Kempe, Horst-Volker Henschel, Harry Shick, Jr., and Basil Hansen   paper

Use of ATLANTIS Tierra 2.0 in Mapping the Biodiversity (Invertebrates and Bryophytes) of Caves in the Azorean Archipelago. Paulo A.V. Borges, Rosalina Gabriel, Fernando Pereira, Enésima P. Mendonça, and Eva Sousa   paper

Bryophytes of Lava Tubes and Volcanic Pits from Graciosa Island (Azores, Portugal). Rosalina Gabriel, Fernando Pereira, Sandra Câmara, Nídia Homem, Eva Sousa, and Maria Irene Henriques   paper

Cueva del Diablo: A Batcave in Tpoztlan. Gabriela López Segurajáuregui, Rodrigo A. Medellín and Karla Toledo Gutiérrez   paper

Troglobites from the Lava Tubes in the Sierra de Chichinautzin, México, Challenge the Competitive Exclusion Principle. Luis Espinasa and
Adriana Fisher   paper