Undara Volcanic National Park,

Queensland, Australia

August 2010

216 pages

Edited by Gregory J. Middleton

Published by:

Organizing Group

14th International Symposium on Vulcanospeleology

December 2010

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Perspectives of Undara
    The regional context of the McBride Basalt Province and the formation of the Undara lava flows, tubes, rises and depressions.             Peter Whitehead          paper
    Undara Volcano, North Queensland, Australia and its lava field – lava caves, depressions and The Wall – a possible Lunar analogue     Anne Atkinson         paper
    Undara Volcanic National Park management. [abstract only]                                                                         Nick Smith        
    Bayliss Lava Tube and the discovery of a rich cave fauna in tropical Australia.                                                        Fred D. Stone         paper
    An overview of invertebrate fauna collectiion from the Undara Lava Tube System.                                                    Arthur Clarke         paper
    Air quality measurements in the Undara lava tubes.                                                                                 Julia James             paper

    Novel bacterial diversity in lava tubes in the Azores, New Mexico and Hawai’i. [abstract]                                                 Diana E. Northup, J.J.M. Hathaway, M.G. Garcia, M. Moya, M.N. Spilde, F.D. Stone & M.L. Dapkevicius  

    Pressure ridge caves: A comparison between the Jordanian caves of the Qais/Makais Volcanic Field and the Hawaiian Mauna Loa Eclipse Cave.    Stephan Kempe, Ahmad Al-Malabeh, Ingo Bauer & Horst-Volker Henschel      paper
    Inflationary versus crusted-over roof of pyroducts (lava tunnels).                                                                     Stephan Kempe, Ingo Bauer, Peter Bosted, Don Coons & Ric Elhard                      paper
    Whitneys Cave; an Old Mauna Loa/Hawaiian pyroduct below Pahala Ash: an example of upward enlargement by hot breakdown.         Stephan Kempe, Ingo Bauer, Peter Bosted & Stephen Smith                             paper

Management and Documentation
    The Vatnshellir Project – a first for Iceland.                                                                                         Árni Stefánsson                     paper
    Volcanic centres and lava caves in China.                                                                                         Chris Wood & Haiyan Zhang         paper
    Lava cave investigations, Anjouan, Comoro Islands, April 2009.                                                                    Greg Middleton & Julian Hume     paper
    Geomunoreum Lava Tube System, Jeju Island.                                                                                     John Brush                         paper

Caves in Volcanic Rocks Other than Lava
    Fingals Cave, Staffa                                                                                                             Kirsty Mills                         paper
    Caves formed in the volcanic rocks of Hungary. Part I: Caves in Rhyolite, Rhyolite Tuff, Rhyodacite Tuff, Dacite, Andesite, Andesite Agglomerate and Tuff.    István Eszterhás & George Szentes         paper
    Caves formed in the volcanic rocks of Hungary. Part II: Caves in Basalt, Basalt Tuff and in Geyserite.                                                     István Eszterhás & George Szentes         paper

Lava Images
    Lava tube photography on the run. [abstract only]                                                                                 John Brush 
    Kites and other archaeological structures along the Eastern Rim of the Harrat (Lava Plain) of Jordan; signs of intensive use in prehistoric time; a Google Earth images study. Stephan Kempe & Ahmad Al-Malabeh  paper