International Symposium on Vulcanospeleology

Lava Beds National Monument, California, USA

The International Union of Speleology and the Volcanic Caves Commission. George Veni. PDF 161kB

Photomonitoring at Lava Beds National Monument. Bill and Peri Frantz. PDF 326kB

Ice in Lava Caves at Lava Beds National Monument. Bill Devereaux and Mike Sims.PDF 10077kB

Volcanic Caves of Central Oregon. Ron Delano. PDF 96kB

Emplacement of the basalt of Mammoth Crater. Julie Donnelly-Nolan, John Tinsley, D. Champion. PDF 341kB

Estimation of the yield strength and lava flows structure of Mt.Fuji by lava tube cave height and lava tree mold depth. Tsutomu Honda. PDF 895kB

Impacts of Indirect and direct Visitation on Microbial Communities from lava caves in Lava Beds National Monument. Kathleen Lavoie, Ara Winter, and Diana Northup. PDF 598kB

Lava tube mineralogy, Medicine Lake Volcano, California. Bruce Rogers. PDF 51kB

Moon and Mars habitation in lava tubes: The first explorers will be cave men again. Stefanshellir test site in Iceland. Martin Gasser and Michael Chalmer Dunn. PDF 111kB

Yield strength and lava tube cave height estimated from pits and lava flows of the Moon and Mars. Tsutomu Honda. PDF 496kB

Mineral to Microbe: Investigating the Continuum in Lava Caves to Best Predict Life Detection Targets. D. Northup, J. Hathaway, M. Spilde, D. Moser and J. Blank. PDF 413kB

New Insights into the Genesis of Pyroducts of the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. Stephan Kempe, Greg Middleton, Aaron Addison, and Theofilos Toulkeridis. PDF 669kB

Delissea Cave System in Hawaii. Bob Richards, Carol Vesely, and Peter Bosted. PDF 275kB

The on-going saga to protect the Harmans Valley lava flow. John Brush. PDF 1245kB

Cartography of the Kanohina System, Hawaii. Michael Sutton. PDF 1095kB

The History of Human Exploration and Occupation of the Lava Caves of the Zuni-Bandera Volcanic Field, New Mexico, USA. Harry Marinakis. PDF 120kB

Civil Defense Caves of Hawaii. Peter Bosted. PDF 320kB

Early Explorers of the Modoc Lava Beds. Bruce Rogers PDF 53kB

The Kilauea Eruption. Ann Bosted. PDF 892kB

New Survey results on Lava Cave System in Krongno Volcano Geopark (Vietnam) 2017 - 2018. La The Phuc et al. PDF 3150kB

Lava Caves and Lava Cave Formation in Krongno Volcano Geopark (Vietnam). La The Phuc et al. PDF 1520kB

Hydrodynamic aspects of lava tube caves of Vietnam Central Plateau, Dak Nong Area. Tsutomu Honda. PDF 1011kB

Principal Pyroduct Processes. Stephan Kempe and Christhild Ketz-Kempe. PDF 578kB