Arranged or scanned by Bill Mixon, Association for Mexican Cave Studies, in 2009. Thanks to William Halliday for the loan of the materials. The PDF files of the guidebook and program consist of graphics images, and the text is not searchable. The proceedings were published in PDF form.

Program Book


Excursion Guide

Lava Tubes and Lava Caves of Etna Volcano

by Sonia Calvari and Marco Liuzzo



Edited by Nicola Barone, Renato Bonaccorso, and Giuseppe Licitra

Published by the Centro Speleologico Etneo

The proceedings were distributed on a CD as parts of two separate books, one in Italian and one in English. For convenience, they are provided here both as complete books and as the individual parts. Links to the individual parts are labeled by the page numbers in the English (En) or Italian (It) books. Note that some articles appear in full in one language and as abstracts or not at all in the other language.

Dentro i Vulcani

Atti del IX Simposio Internazionale de Vulcanospeleologia

11-19 Settembre 1999, Catania, Italia


Inside Volcanoes

Proceedings of the IXth International Symposium on Vulcanospeleology

September 11-19, 1999, Catania, Italy



Forward, program, attendees, etc. / Prefazione, programma, partcipanti, ecc. En I-XXIX / It I-XXXI

Vulcanospeleology on Etna and in Italy / Vulcanospeleologia sull'Etna de in Italia

Ten of the most interesting caves on Mt. Etna, Cadastrial files. / Dieci delle più interessanti grotte sul Monte Etna, Schede catastali. R. Bonaccorso, R. Maugeri. En 3-23 / It 3-23

Formation of a complex tube network: the 1999 Etna eruption. / Formazione di un complesso sistema di  tubi: l’eruzione dell’Etna del 1999. S. Calvari, M. Neri, H.Pinkerton. En 24 / It 24

Features of Etna lava stalactites. / Caratteristiche delle stalattiti di lava dell’Etna. R. Corsaro, S. Calvarie, M. Pompilio. En 25 / It 25

Secondary mineralizations inside Grotta del Fumo - Smoky Cave - (1991/93 Etna eruption). /  Le mineralizzazioni secondarie nella Grotta del Fumo -  (Eruzione etnea del 1991/93). A. Marino. En 26-30 / It 26-30

The System Grotta Del Fumo-Macchia Gialla-Grotta dell’Arco. / Il Sistema Grotta Del Fumo-Macchia Gialla-Grotta dell’Arco. G. Giudice, A. Privitera. En 31-37 / It 31-38

Fracture caves on Mt. Etna. / Grotte in frattura sul Monte Etna. A. Leotta, M. Liuzzo. En 38 / It 39

Study on the concretions of lava tubes which were formed by the 1991-93 eruption on Mount Etna. / Studio sulle concrezioni di grotte laviche formatesi dall’eruzione 1991-93 sul Monte Etna. M. Liuzzo. En 39-48 / It 40-49

On some volcanic caves of Sardinia (Italy). / Su alcune grotte vulcaniche della Sardegna. J. De Waele, A. Muntoni. En 49-54 / It 50

The basaltic canyons of Mount Etna. / I canyons basaltici del Monte Etna. P. Madonia, A. Palmeri. En 55-61 / It 51

Vulcanospeleology in the World / Vulcanospeleogio nel Mondo

Minerogenesis of volcanic caves of Kenya. / Minerogenesi delle grotte vulcaniche del Kenya. P. Forti, E. Galli, A. Rossi. En 65-76 / It 55

Syngenetic volcanic caves in the western Carpathians. L. Gaál.  En 77-83

Results of survey on Ganno-ana Cave system, example of co-existence of lava caves and tree molds. T. Ogawa, et al. En 84-86

Second speleological expedition to Surtsey. S. S. Jónsson, G. Löve. En 87

Geology of the Huehue Tube (eruption 1801) and the Puhia Pele Channel system, Hualalai, Hawaii. S. Kempe, C. Lerch, M. Oberwinder. En 88-89

Checklist and distribution of Icelandic lava caves. S. S. Jónsson, G. Löve. En 90

New minerals from Icelandic lava caves and selected speleothems. S. S. Jónsson, G. Löve. En 91

Lava caves of Grande Comore, Indian Ocean: Further investigations, July 1998. G. J. Middleton. En 92-107 (17 MB)

The protection of the Viento-Sobrado Cave - A very long volcanic cave in the Canary Islands. J. L. Martín, I. Izquierdo. En 108-119

New Concepts in Vulcanospeleology

Classification of lava tree molds with/without remelted innersurface according to its formation process. T. Honda. En 123-124

Morphology of Etna lava tubes: insights for lava flow emplacement mechanisms. S. Calvari, H. Pinkerton. En 125

Cross-section measurement of the 1991-93 eruption lava tube. M. Coltelli, E. Bozzo, S. Lombardo, F. Merlanti, I. Tabacco. En 126

Conduit flow of water in volcanic pseudokarsts. W. R. Halliday. En 127-128

Investigation on hydrodynamic interaction between tree and lava flow and resulting structure of tree mold. T. Honda. En 129-130

Mapping lava flows by surveying lava tubes. Example: Aila'au/Keauhou flows, Kilauea/Hawaii. S. Kempe. En 131

The genesis of isolated lava caves on Hawaii. S. Kempe. En 132-133

Emplacement and tube development in long tube-fed lavas in N Queensland. Australia. J. Stephenson. En 134-145

History, Archaeology, Artificial Caves / Storia, Archeologia, Cavita' Artificiali

On the ancient church of Mompilieri. / Sulla antica Chiesa Madre di Mompilieri. A. Patti, F. Politano, F. Santonocito. En 149-155 / It 59-65

Ruins of ancient “Campanarazzu” buried by 1669 eruption. / Resti dell’antico “Campanarazzu” sepolto dall’eruzione del 1669. F. Politano, F. Santonocito. En 156-160 / It 66-70

Archaeological findings in the caves of Mt. Etna. / Ritrovamenti archeologi nelle grotte dell’Etna. F. Privitera. En 161 / It 71-84

Studies on lava caves during the past centuries. / Gli studi sulle grotte laviche nei secoli passati. G. Puglisi, G. Santi. En 162 / It 85

Ancient foreign visitors on Mt. Etna. / Le grotte dell’Etna ed i viaggiatori del passato. Testimonianze di viaggio. G. Santi. En 163 / It 86-105

Artificial caves in lavaflows. / Le cavità artificiali nelle colate laviche: le cave di ghiaia. F. Politano, G. M. Licitra. En 164-170 / It 106-112

Myths and legends on Etna caves. / Miti e leggende delle grotte dell’Etna. G. Santi. En 171 / It 113-144

A short history of vulcanospeleology. / Breve storia della vulcanospeleologia. W. R. Halliday. En 172-177 / It 145-151

Biology / Biologia

Etna’s caves fauna - description and considerations. / La fauna delle grotte dell’Etna - descrizione e considerazioni. D. Caruso. En181-182 / It 155-172

Conservation / Conservazione

Monitoring of Grotta del Gelo. / Monitoraggio della Grotta del Gelo. S. Caffo, A. Marino. En 185-190 / It 175-180

The Ice Cave and its glaciological phenomenon. / La Grotta del Gelo ed il suo fenomeno glaciologico. A. Marino. En 191-196 / It 181-187

Volcanic show caves. W. R. Halliday. En 197-199

Conserving the lava caves of Mauritius: the caves of Mauritius Project 1998. G. Middleton. En 200-207

A rationale for the protection of volcanic caves. C. Wood. En 208

Guided tourism at Undara caves. North Queensland. J. Stephenson. En 209-214

Speleology in volcanic parks. W. R. Halliday. En 215-216

In Absentia, Posters / In Absentia, Posters

Volcanic caves in Argentina. C. Benedetto. En 219-222

Pozzo del Diavolo of Mount Venere (Caprarola, Viterbo ) - Description ofthe only volcanic cave in Latium (Italy). / Pozzo del Diavolo di Monte Venere (Caprarola, Viterbo ) - Descrizione dell’unica cavità vulcanica della Regione Lazio (Italy). M. L. Battiato, G. Cappa, A. Filici, L. Grassi, G. Mecchia, M. Piro. En 223 / It 191

Radon monitoring in a geothermal ice cave of Mt Erebus, Antarctica. J. C. Sabroux, P. Richon, R. X. Faivre-Pierret. En 224-227

Vulcanokarst: A Romanian contribution to speleology. A. Szakacs. En 228

Main morphologic features of Etna lava tubes. / Principali caratteri morfologici di tunnel lavici etnei. S. Calvari, A. Amantia. En 229 / It 192

About the ancient church of Mompilieri. / L’antica Chiesa Madre di Mompilieri. A. Patti, F. Politano, F. Santonocito. En 230 / It 193

Ruins of ancient “Campanarazzu” buried by 1669 eruption. / Resti dell’antico “Campanarazzu” sepoltodall’eruzione del 1669. F. Politano, F. Santonocito. En 231 / It 194

Le Grotte Marine nelle Vulcaniti 1: La Grotta di Fingal e la Grotta di Capo Punta delle Oche. G. Perna. It 195

Le Grotte Marine nelle Vulcaniti 2: La Grotta di Fingal e la Grotta di Capo Punta delle Oche. G. Perna. It 196

Collateral Events / Eventi Collaterali

Excursions: Some pictures. / Excursioni: Alcune immagini. En 235-237 / It 199-201

The exhibition "Dentro el Vulcano." / La Mostra "Dento il Vulcano." (visit to) En 238-242 / It 202-206

The book "Dentro il Vulcano." / Il libro "Dentro il Vulcano." (book review) En 243 / It 207

"Dentro il Vulcano" (entire exhibit) It 208-294 (11 MB)